Job Costing for Raleigh Businesses

Want to track profitability at a more specialized level but don’t know where to begin or don’t have time?  At Executive Accounting Services, our goal is to help you have better financial control of the projects that happen within your business. Accurate job costing is important for keeping projects financially measurable and controlled.  By breaking material, labor and overhead into the projects they represent, accurate job costing allows you to know your profitability, progress of your projects.  Job costing helps in day-to-day decision making, whether it is for harnessing  better pricing from vendors or tracking employee hours in order to accurately bid on future work.   Accurate job costing is important for keeping business finances on track, but takes time and attention to detail, for which most small business owners don’t have time.

Executive Accounting Services offers in depth experience providing job costing services that accurately fit the construction industry’s unique needs. We have the expertise needed to keep job costing precise and accurate, so you can focus on the other aspects your Raleigh business needs to run. Let EAS help you set up a smooth, organized system for tracking job costs and profitability.

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