Payroll Services in Raleigh

For a majority of small to medium businesses, payroll, including payroll taxes and payroll benefits, are their largest costs.  Payroll can become burdensome, time-consuming, and fraught with difficulties without the proper knowledge or training, and quickly result in high penalties and fines if tax reporting is not accurate or paid timely.  Your Raleigh accountants at Executive Accounting Services can help keep your payroll records accurate, well organized, tax payments regularly scheduled and properly reported. We provide a variety of services, according to your needs, such as:

  • Calculating, entering and preparing payroll checks
  • Preparing payroll reports
  • Reporting and scheduling weekly, semi-weekly, or quarterly federal and state tax deposits
  • Preparing multi-state payroll and taxes
  • Reconciling payroll at month and year ends.
  • Scheduling direct deposits
  • Reconciling year-end 1099s for vendors listed as 1099 contractors and sending out 1099s.
  • Preparing employee W2’s, preparing the reports, sending the forms to employees, and preparing and filing the W-3 reports at year-end
  • Providing unemployment insurance audit support

Contact our Raleigh accountants today to take care of your payroll needs!

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