Tax Planning and Preparation for Businesses in Raleigh

Overwhelmed with the host of tax deadlines? Are tax deadlines too difficult for you to meet on your own?  Need assistance in preparing your personal or business records for a tax audit?  Can’t keep up the host of tax law changes imposed each year?  Executive Accounting Services is here to help you with your tax needs.

We know what triggers red flags for audits.  While we can’t promise you won’t be audited, we can help minimize the concern by thorough, careful and systematic checks and preparation of the information, and by preparing the return using the most current tax programs and tax information available.  Once we prepare your return, we stand behind our work, and represent you during the tax audit.

If we make a mistake – we are human and the law is complex – we stand behind that work too.  While we don’t pay the amount that would have been justly due to the state or federal government, we will pay the penalties and fines that occur as a direct result of our errors. (1)

Our tax experts can also help you make informed decisions to help you minimize your tax liability. We are experienced in assisting with:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Partnerships (General, LP, LLP)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Corporations (C, Sub S)
  • Not-for-Profits

Schedule your appointment with your Raleigh accountants, Executive Accounting Services, Inc. today!

    • Omission of facts by the taxpayer, however, is not our fault. It is important to provide all the information requested by the tax preparer to properly prepare the returns, including payment or non-payment of taxes due in prior periods and notices received by the taxing authorities.

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