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When you’re an executive of a business, you’re busy. You are looking for personal financial information that is accurate and quickly available, but also matches your specific needs.

Monthly Bill Pay

At Executive Accounting Services, our team will personalize services to fit your lifestyle and manage your finances in the way that works best for you.  We know how to do more than the bookkeeping.  We also review your reports and records for accuracy, spot changes that don’t appear normal, and manage finer accounting details to prevent larger problems later.  This frees you to stay focused on the bigger picture – making money and growing your business.

Our Raleigh bookkeepers take care of the personal accounting  functions for you! Our professional accounting team is here to answer your questions and handle unique problems that may come up.

Need Help With Your Personal Accounting?

Since EAS has been serving the Raleigh and Cary areas with individual accounting services since 1998, you know you will be working with a local and knowledgeable accountant you can trust, and who provides you with accurate, dependable and personalized service.

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