QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Working with your Raleigh QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Executive Accounting Services, Inc. can be extremely beneficial to you and your business. A Certified ProAdvisor can assist business executives with pertinent accounting information for decision-making as well as keep QuickBooks organized and accurate.  Certified ProAdvisors understand your concerns about the QuickBooks program, and we help you find solutions.  ProAdvisor services can range from a short-term accounting technician for when you need extra help, to someone who manages your accounts, advises you, and prepares your tax returns.  To get started working with us as your QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we will need to know the following information:

  • What version of QuickBooks do you currently use?
  • How many company computers use QuickBooks on a daily basis?
  • What questions do you have about the QuickBooks program?
  • What security protects your network and QuickBooks program and files?
  • How would cloud-based hosting increase your security protocols?
  • How involved do you want the QuickBooks ProAdvisor to be?
  • How involved do you want your staff to be? For instance, if there are errors that involve many transactions, will your staff or your ProAdvisor be the one to correct those errors?
  • How confident are you currently in using and understanding QuickBooks? Are you interested in getting better at understanding the program?
  • What are your budget constraints? Know your budget for your ProAdvisor’s assistance.
  • Can you be interrupted to discuss accounting questions regularly or do you want issues taken care of by your QuickBooks ProAdvisor and reported periodically?


Finding the right QuickBooks ProAdvisor in Raleigh is important for you and your business. Find the right one for you by asking the following questions:

  • How does the ProAdvisor identify problems with your QuickBooks file? How much are you expected to prepare for the initial investigation?
  • How does the ProAdvisor demonstrate that the work will be done correctly to small business owners who don’t have accounting knowledge? How is your ProAdvisor going to help you get comfortable with their knowledge of QuickBooks?
  • How do we set ourselves apart from other QuickBooks ProAdvisors in Raleigh?
  • What are the rates for QuickBooks accounting services? What are the billing terms? What are the accepted methods of payment?
  • What are the requirements to engage our services?
  • How do our ProAdvisor services and rates compare to others who provide the same services?

Looking for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in Raleigh? Schedule a consultation with our experienced ProAdvisors! 919-859-8600